About Us

The ChooChoose Charity Foundation is the outgrowth of Pediatric Junction. A medical practice started in 2005 by two young pediatricians, who would not settle for business as usual, but instead chose building a Medical Home for their patients. Here they could practice investing in each family.

Invested in Well-Being

We have always invested in the well-being of our patients, including many charitable deeds. It has been fun seeing our accountant pulling her hair out and shaking her head. We wish every family was healthy and enjoyed prosperity, peace, and a life without the tide of troubles that can befall any of us.

We are living in a time of many difficult decisions for us and our families. Sadly we have seen way too many children with disease that can't be cured, families that can't be mended and the unexpected tragedy of lost jobs, parental death, and the shame of being jobless, or even homeless. We could choose to just survive and ignore the problems around us, but we choose to expand the love of our Medical Home into a bigger minded house that, with your help, will push back against adversity and support our families and community. Join us

We Choose Charity!

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What does love look like?

It has the hands to help others.
It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy.
It has eyes to see misery and want.
It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men.
That is what love looks like.
        . . . Saint Augustine

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